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Visit our online shop to find wedding favors that best meet your needs. Favours for weddings, Baptisms or births as well as graduation favours and other ceremonies.

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If you are looking for useful wedding favour ideas, but at the same time modern and original, browse our options. In our store you can also find charity favours and give something original and unique to charity.

Low cost and economical DIY favour ideas

The budget for the organization of the festival is always too small. the prices of our favors are generally low despite the high quality of products. We also provided the department Favors DIY allowing you a chance to pack their own wedding favors choices.

We provide not only favors the already packaged and ready to use them, various measures in cardboard boxes, pvc and plexiglass, classic confetti, high quality and decorative flavored "Italian Production Maxtris". Tulle, bags holder, ribbons and quan'altro you need. We also offer printing service: Sticky candy inside, shareholdings and tableau Marriage.

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  1. 1
    DIY Favour Pyramid 32 perspex boxes
    SKU: 0000PIRAMIDE32G3010
    Pyramid structure made from perspex boxes, ready for you to personalise. The pyramid has 2 tiers of 32 5x5x5cm perspex boxes and one top central perspex box measuring 10x10x6cm. Dimensions of pyramid: 30x30x24cm Code.PIRAMIDE32G3010

  2. 2
    Emoticon with magnet on perspex favour tube
    SKU: E3170-G3435-conf-(H)
    12 assorted Smiley on perspex favour tube. Classic and decorative confetti (sweets) of your choice included. The price is for single Smiley. Size: 12,5x3,5x2,5h cm. Code. E3170-G3435-conf-(H)
  3. 3
    Emoticon with magnet on perspex favour bag
    SKU: E3170-1224-conf-(H)(L1)
    12 assorted Smiley on favour bag. 5 classic confetti (sweets) of your choice included. The price is for single Smiley. Size: 6,5x8h cm. Code. E3170-1224-conf-(H)(L1)

  4. 4
    Natural Holy Communion favour bag with Pen for boy and girl
    SKU: 5041NATURAL-PT01-AG-BI-conf(BG)
    Natural favour bag with a Pen (2 assorted colors). See photo. Pen size: 10,5 cm. Bag size: 6x10 h cm. Code. 5041NATURAL-PT01-AG-BI-conf(BG)
  5. 5
    Mini identity cards for baby boy - minimum 40 pieces
    SKU: 0000CID-2M
    Mini identity cards for baby boy with flower border. Price includes printing of photo and text. Dimensions: 3.8x6cm Code. 0000CID-2M
  6. 6
    Ladybirds on flexible stems
    SKU: 00008018 (FT)
    You Save:
    €0.67 (50%)
    Set of 12 ladybirds on flexible stems. These decorations are extremely adaptable for your DIY favours. Code. 8018 (FT)

  7. 7
    Resin painted Donald Duck photo frame
    SKU: 0000P077200 (C1)
    You Save:
    €0.82 (5%)
    Resin photo frame with Donald Duck. Dimensions: 15x15cm Code.P077200

  8. 8
    Resin painted Daisy Duck photo frame
    SKU: 0000P077100 (C1)
    You Save:
    €0.82 (5%)
    Resin photo frame with Daisy Duck design. Dimensions: 15x15cm Code. P077100

  9. 9
    Clear acrylic sweet shaped box
    SKU: 0000M079900 (C1)
    Clear acrylic sweet shaped box, a perfect base for creating your own personalised favours. Scroll down to see the possibilities. Dimensions: 8.5x4x5cm Code. M079900

  10. 10
    Winnie the Pooh and friends favour cake filled with 5 sweets
    SKU: 0000E111500 (C1)
    You Save:
    €6.12 (5%)
    This 32 slice favour cakes complete with confetti (sweets) of your choice. On top of each slice is Winnie the pooh or one of his friends. WIth larger figure to centre. Diameter of cake 43cm. Central figure 12cm. Figurines: 4cm Code. E111500
  11. 11
    Clear acrylic foot shaped favour box
    SKU: 0000Q058900 (C1)
    Clear acrylic foot shaped favour box, a perfect base for creating your own personalised favours. Can hold 5 sugared almonds or 3 chocolate hearts 2 2 chocolate almonds. Dimensions: 5.5x2x7cm Code. Q058900

  12. 12
    White PVC windmill with peg
    SKU: 00008512 (C)
    You Save:
    €0.77 (50%)
    White PVC windmill on a white wooden peg. Perfect for decorating your favours. Come ready to apply. Diameter: 9cm Code. 8512

  13. 13
    Blue rocking horse pendant on blue favour bag with sweets
    SKU: 00003342-1233 (O)
    You Save:
    €0.17 (5%)
    A rocking horse magnet made of resin decorated in blues displayed on a blue polka dot favour bag complete with a choice of sweets. Dimensions: 4x5cm Favour bag: 9.5x12H cm. Code. 3342-1233 (O)
  14. 14
    Favour cake made with glass test tubes
    SKU: G121900 torta45 (C1)
    A layered cake decorated with 45 test tubes in your choice of coloured ribbon. The tubes are filled with a a choice of sweets included in the price. Dimensions of cake: H 36X44 cm. Tube: H 16x2 cm. Code. G121900 torta45 (C1) .

  15. 15
    Graduation tassle DIY favour
    SKU: Nappina Laurea ColAss
    You Save:
    €0.04 (5%)
    Perfect for decorating your diy favours. Measures: 9cm. Colours available: green, red, blue, white, black, yellow, silver, lilac, orange and ecru. Price refers to one single tassle. Code. Nappina Laurea ColAss

  16. 16
    Black cherry Confetti by Maxtris Winner
    Deliciuos temptations confetto with toasted almond covered with a layer of black cherry white chocolate, coated with a soft layer of sugar. 1 kg roughly 145 pieces. Code. MAXWAMA
  17. 17
    Pink book shaped favour box for Girl Birth and Baptism
    SKU: 17519-18581conf-SC1
    You Save:
    €0.13 (5%)
    Pink book shaped favour box. 5 confetti (sweets) of your choice included. Size: 7x6x2,5H cm. Code. 17519-18581conf-SC1
  18. 18
    Large size pink Shop Box Happy
    SKU: 17576shopboxrosa-SC1
    Pink-white polka dot Shop Box for ceremonies and birthdays. Size: 16x8x23 cm. Code. 17576shopboxrosa-SC1

  19. 19
    Holy Communion DIY favour: swimmer boy
    SKU: B9143-faidate(H)
    Holy Communion DIY favour, resin swimmer boy with magnet. Size: 6H cm. Code. B9143-faidate(H)

  20. 20
    "Emotion" DIY favour with magnet
    SKU: E3170-faidate(H)
    Emotion Smiley with magnet, suitable for packaging DIY favours. The price is for unit. 12 assorted Smiley. Size: D. 3 cm. Code. E3170-faidate(H)

  21. 21
    under costruction

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  22. 22
    SKU: 4652-12880(O)(SC)Faidate
    under costruction.

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  23. 23
    Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck favour cake filled with 5 dragees
    SKU: N014211 30fette
    You Save:
    €5.73 (5%)
    This 30 slice decorative cakes complete with dragees of your choice. On top of each slice is a Minnie or Daisy figurine. Diameter of cake 43cm. 2 Central figure 6xH9 cm. Figurines: 4cm Code. D231611
  24. 24
    Donald Duck and Micky Mouse 30 slice favour cake filled with 5 dragees
    SKU: N014212conf
    You Save:
    €6.75 (5%)
    This 30 slice favour cake complete with confetti (sweets) of your choice. On top of each slice is Micky or Donald. WIth larger figure to centre 10cm. (May vary depending on availability). Diameter of cake 40cm. Figurines: 4cm Code. N014212conf
  25. 25
    Personalised favour cake with 45 heart favour boxes filled with dragees
    SKU: M081000-3341 STELLA-45 PZ
    You Save:
    €12.04 (5%)
    Star favour cake personalised with name. 45 heart shaped favour boxes each filled with a choice of confetti (sweets/sugared almonds) with a resin rocking horse on each, decorated in pink. Dimensions: 65x55x68 cm. Code.M081000-3341 STELLA-45 PZ