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BombonieraShop is an online store that offers a vast catalog of favours for sale online.

Favours for Weddings, Baptisms, Communions, Degrees and other ceremonies.

Visit our online shop to find wedding favors that best meet your needs. Favours for weddings, Baptisms or births as well as graduation favours and other ceremonies.

Original and useful Favour ideas

If you are looking for useful wedding favour ideas, but at the same time modern and original, browse our options. In our store you can also find charity favours and give something original and unique to charity.

Low cost and economical DIY favour ideas

The budget for the organization of the festival is always too small. the prices of our favors are generally low despite the high quality of products. We also provided the department Favors DIY allowing you a chance to pack their own wedding favors choices.

We provide not only favors the already packaged and ready to use them, various measures in cardboard boxes, pvc and plexiglass, classic confetti, high quality and decorative flavored "Italian Production Maxtris". Tulle, bags holder, ribbons and quan'altro you need. We also offer printing service: Sticky candy inside, shareholdings and tableau Marriage.

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  1. 1
    Clear acrylic sweet shaped box
    SKU: 0000M079900 (C1)
    You Save:
    €0.27 (30%)
    Clear acrylic sweet shaped box, a perfect base for creating your own personalised favours. Scroll down to see the possibilities. Dimensions: 8.5x4x5cm Code. M079900

  2. 2
    Mini identity cards for baby boy - minimum 40 pieces
    SKU: 0000CID-2M
    Mini identity cards for baby boy with flower border. Price includes printing of photo and text. Dimensions: 3.8x6cm Code. 0000CID-2M
  3. 3
    Karate Child Magnet
    SKU: B9222
    Karate magnet in decorated resin, 2 assorted subjects. The price is unitary. Measure: 5x4 cm. Candy box for Martial Arts Communion DIY for Child Art. B9222

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  4. 4
    Jar with chocolate cream flavors of your choice
    40 grams jar with chocolate cream various tastes, choose your favorite! UNIT price. Code. CIOCCO-FAIDATE
  5. 5
    Miniature Athlete Rhythmic Gymnastics
    SKU: B9227
    Figurine Girl Gymnast in decorated resin, 2 assorted subjects. The price is unitary. Measure: 3x7 cm. Candy box Communion child girl DIY. Art. B9227
  6. 6
    Blue favour box "A Star is Born" with confetti-sweets
    SKU: 000017234-17416C-conf (SC)
    Favour box in card with star pattern. As shown in the photo, complete with the tag "with love" Filled with confetti (sweets) included in the price. Dimensions: 6x6x3.5 cm. Code. 17234-17416C-conf (SC)
  7. 7
    Gold Wedding Sachet Complete with Confetti
    SKU: Bustina_4
    Sachet Placeholder 50 Anniversary of Marriage. Working in PVC and cardboard 50 Years together with 3 filled confetti. Ability to customize Names and Date included in the price. Measure: 9.5x8 cm. Art. Bustina_4
  8. 8
    Lion Pack First Birthday Complete of Confetti
    SKU: Bustina_2
    Favor 1 Year Child. Paper bag with balloons and 3 confetti to various tastes. Customizable Name and Date. Measure: 11.5x7.5 cm. Art. Bustina_2
  9. 9
    Packet for Confirmation Complete with Confetti
    SKU: Bustina_8
    Pvc confirmation box and cardboard with Miter. Customization Name and date. 3 Stuffed confetti of your choice included in the price. Measure: 9x10 cm. Art. Bustina_8
  10. 10
    First Birthday Packet Girl Packet
    SKU: Bustina_5
    Pvc sachet and card for First Birthday Party decorated pink. Names and Customizable Date. 3 Stuffed confetti included in the price. Measure: 8x11 cm. Art. Bustina_5

  11. 11
    Pink Bear Sachet Complete with Confetti
    SKU: Bustina_3
    Favor Little Girl Baptism Favor Pink Bear. Pvc processing and cardboard decorated pink with Customizable Name and Date. 3 Confetti to various tastes included in the price. Measure: 11.5x7.5 cm. Art. Bustina_3
  12. 12
    Packet Baptism Bimbo Packaged
    SKU: Bustina_1
    Sachet for Baptism and Child Birth. PVC and cardboard Subject Lion, Customizable Name and Date. Complete with 3 confetti stuffed to different tastes. Measure: 10.5x7 cm. Art. Bustina_1