18th birthday and Engagement Favours

18th Birthday and Engagement favours

At BombonieraShop you'll find lots of favours for an 18th birthday or for an engagement. In the sub-departments dedicated to these ocassions are useful, original and creative ideas that are all of high quality. The 18th birthday favours on sale in our store are perfect to give your guests an unforgettable memory of this milestone. We have a wide and varied range of ideas, from the most classic and traditional, to the most sympathetic. All packages are accompanied by tasty dragees, favour tags and finished with green detailing, the colour which traditionally symbolises good luck and hope. 

Engagement Favours

An engagement is a major event. Take a look at our ideas to celebrate the engagement and choose amongst elegant invitations, perspex favour boxes and dragees with bags. You will also find everything you need to make your own favours. This way you'll save precious pennies!

Economical and low cost favours

Organising a party for an 18th birthday or engagement may have to incur significant costs. Between lunch, reception, clothes and location the budget might start to shrink. Buying at Bombonierashop can be a great help in finding refined, useful and original favours but at low and competitive prices. Serenely entrusted to us: our staff will guide you step by step helping with valuable advice.

  1. 1
    18 year old chalk
    SKU: 50287
    Application DIY favors. Chalk silhouette 18, white color. Decorative accessory. Measure: 4x3 CM. Art. 50287

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  2. 2
    18th birthday invitations with gold embossed martini glasses
    SKU: NCC0043(BP)
    18th birthday invitations complete with envelopes. Dimensions: 8.5x13.5cm Code. NCC0043(BP)
  3. 3
    Written Pendant 18
    SKU: 27876
    Written 18 Years with ring, Silver Plated object. Measure: 1x5 cm. Art. 27876

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  4. 4
    Box Of Eighteenth Birthday Do It Yourself
    SKU: 17619-fai da te
    DIY box in white cardboard with 18 lettering and green fantasy. Tray shaped inside part. Size: 50x50x50 mm. Art. 17619-do it yourself
  5. 5
    18th Birthday invitaion
    SKU: NCC0042(BP)
    18th Birthday invitation with martini glass finished in gold, includes envelope. Dimensions: 17x11.5 Code. NCC0042(BP)

  6. 6
    18 pendant with rhinestone
    SKU: 000032956 (BC)
    18th birthday pendant with rhinestone. Perfect for a DIY keepsake. Dimensions: 1x1.5cm Code. 32956 (BC)

  7. 7
    Horseshoe shaped magnet for 18th Birthday
    SKU: 4493-FAIDATE (J)
    Horseshoe shaped magnet made of resin for 18th birthday 3 assorted figurines, suitable for DIY. UNIT price. Size: 4,5x5,5 cm. Code. 4493-FAIDATE (J)
  8. 8
    Marshmallow Jar with 18 Birthday chalk
    SKU: 50287-MPS120
    Jar in Pet, with screw cap, decorated with ribbon and chalk 18. Inside 3 Marshmallows. Measure: 4x8.5 cm. Favor party 18 Birthday Packaged. Art. 50287-MPS120

  9. 9
    Key ring 18 years
    SKU: 50298
    Metal keyring, 5 assorted colors. The price is unitary and it is not possible to choose the color. Measure: 4x10 cm. Idea DIY Favors for 18 years. Art. 50298

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  10. 10
    Acrylic cake stand with sweet inside
    SKU: 7863faidate(A)
    Acrylic cake stand with synthetic sweet inside. Six assorted designs, one supplied per unit ordered. Perfect for a DIY keepsake. Dimensions: 8x5cm Code. 7863faidate(A)

  11. 11
    Cloud for 18th Birthday
    SKU: 0000150850/18 (G)
    Marble resin cloud. Perfect for a DIY keepsake. Dimensions 4.5x3.5 Code. 150850/18

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  12. 12
    Silver metal tree shaped pendant for 18th birthday
    Tree shaped silver metal pendant for 18th birthday, suitable for DIY. Pendant size: 2,5xH3,1 cm. Code. MZ9237FAIDATE
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