Arrangement and Reception

Arrangement and Reception

Not to forget the very important case is to create a unique and great effect.

Accessories for ceremonies and birthdays events and Party

In our department you will find many articles you will need to decorate your reception with innovative and original ideas, without risking falling into low-cost monotony.

Articles for fitting prices Low Cost

Much trendy are the bubbles of soap and shoots confetti that will surprise you and make the atmosphere of your ceremony magical, involving young and old. Do not forget the balloons, available in various colors and for all events: gold wedding, silver wedding, first birthday, first communion, eighteenth birthday, marriage, baptism and graduation.

Spacing them, colorful balloons and many other fun accessories

Another fantastic idea coming directly from America is the Photo Booth (camera), or improvised scenery to make your photos fun. Within each sachet you will find many gadgets depending on the event you celebrate. And finally, we find the prize wagers, available in various versions, for example with the word game over, for newlyweds or in green suitable for those who are 18 years old.

We remind you that for any problems or doubts our staff is always at your disposal. We wish you a good choice.


Under Costruction

  1. 1
    Bolt Ball Valve
    SKU: AAV100
    White ball valve for Balloons. Size: 40 cm. Art. AAV100

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  2. 2
    Transparent Wedding Balloon
    SKU: 72320
    Transparent Balloon for White Weddings "W The Spouses". Art. 72320

  3. 3
    Balloon 25 Wedding Anniversary
    SKU: 72558
    Silver colored balloon with starfish and 25 white writing. Art. 72558

  4. 4
    Gold Wedding Balloon
    SKU: 72559
    Gold colored balloon with 50 white and starry letters. Art. 72559

  5. 5
    White Rice Bow Cone
    SKU: 81224
    Cone for White Wedding Bride in Paper. Size: 17 cm. Art. 81224

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  6. 6
    Light Fountain for Cake
    SKU: 41002
    White luminescent candlestick ideal for cakes. Size: 12 cm. Art. 41002

  7. 7
    Soap bubbles with white hearts
    SKU: 41010
    Soap bubbles with a perforated punch in white color, suitable for your ceremony. Size: 2.5 x 6.5 cm. Art. 41010

  8. 8
    Champagne glass soap bubbles
    SKU: 41007
    Flute Champagne transparent with white finish soap bubbles for marriage. Size: H 9,5 cm Art. 41007

  9. 9
    Push Up Cake
    SKU: 81577
    Push Up Cake with Plug, Pvc Transparent Food. Size: 17 cm. Diameter: 5 cm.

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  10. 10
    Champagne bottle soap bubbles
    SKU: 41008
    Original green colored bottle soap bubbles with today's wedding label. Size: 2.5 x H 9 cm. Art. 41008

  11. 11
    Round Pump to Inflate Balloons
    SKU: P1
    Single-flow balloon pump for inflate party balloons. Art. P1

  12. 12
    White flying lantern
    SKU: 32020
    White paper balloon ideal for setting up and decorating your ceremony. Size: 100 cm. Art. 32020

  13. 13
    Pink White Color Floating Small Size
    SKU: 27847
    White polyethylene rose. Small model. Diameter: 13 cm. accessory for interior and exterior locations. Art. 27847
  14. 14
    18 Year Award
    SKU: 81332
    Band for 18th Birthday Metallic Green with white writing. Size: 168 x 10 cm. Art.81332

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  15. 15
    Game Over Prize Unleashed and Unmarried
    SKU: 81335
    Award winner for bachelorette and white celibacy with red skirt. Size: 168 x 10 cm. Art. 81335
  16. 16
    White Floating Lantern
    SKU: 81225
    White lotus flower floating in paper. Size: 28 cm. Art. 81225

  17. 17
    Balloon Party Graduation
    SKU: 61270
    Balloon color Red Round degree, auction already included in the kit. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61270

  18. 18
    Balloon 18 Birthday
    SKU: 61272
    Balloon with blue decorations and "Like" for 18 years with rod. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61272

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  19. 19
    Striped Celestial Balloon
    SKU: 61280
    Birth Balloon with "Welcome", auction included. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61280

  20. 20
    Pink Stork Balloon
    SKU: 61281
    Balloon "Welcome" decorated in pink with stork, auction included in the kit. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61281

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  21. 21
    First Birthday Blue Ballon
    SKU: 61283
    Balloon with teddy bear and number 1 decorated in yellow and blue. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61283

  22. 22
    Balloon 1 Birthday Little Girl
    SKU: 61284
    Balloon with Bear in pink and yellow decorated with happy birthday, auction included. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61284

  23. 23
    First Communion Balloon Little Girl
    SKU: 61414
    Balloon decorated in Rose for Communion, with auction included. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61283
  24. 24
    Baby Communion Balloon
    SKU: 61415
    Balloon with decoration Celite for First Communion. Measure with rod: 40 cm. Diameter 18 cm. Art. 61415

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