Candy Display for Baptisms

Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage sacrements are given by the Church to believers of the Catholic faith. It is customary to follow up with a banquet party to celebrate the gift received.

Many prefer to celebrate the Baptism, in the intimate setting of their own home, privately with  a few relatives. Others, however, delegate the organization to a third party, inviting friends and acquaintances in public venues and restaurants, so they can completely relax and enjoy the party without having to think about anything.

Our online store, BombonieraShop, has a Birth and Baptism department with forty pages filled with a huge selection of items we sell.

A candy display for a Baptism, whether it's made by mothers and grandmothers using our "do it yourself" products and lots of imagination and patience, or a display prepared by ourselves for indoors or outdoors, will be a success and a pleasure for the eye and the palate.

The candy table for Baptisms, with a showcase of trays, dishes and blown glass vases, decorated with ribbons and flowers, and arranged in harmony over an immaculate white tablecloth, a symbol of purity, perhaps hand embroidered or crocheted cotton or linen, remember indelibly the birth to life of our children. Completed with the classic white sugared almond.

But all the colors of the rainbow, in different shades, can brighten a Baptism party, particularly a display in the classic shades of pink and light blue.

Shabby chic style is perfect for Baptism candy display, the trend of the moment, particularly appreciated beacuse of its delicate and pastel shades, warm and soft materials used. A touch of romance that makes you remeber times gone by.