Candy Display for a Communion

Many Italian traditions are linked to Catholicism, fundamentally the sacraments: Baptism, Communion, Confirmation and Marriage. After the church ceremony a banquet is normally followed, either in the home with close family or organised with friends and family for a larger get together in a restaurant.

Our online shop, BombonieraShop, has a department dedicated to First Holy Communion and Confirmation with at least forty pages displaying a myriad of delicious items to suit all tastes and styles. All kinds of ceremony themed trinkets and elegant and ornate silver picture frames, perfect for holding an image from the service.

Mothers and grandmothers can easily prepare the candy display themselves by purchasing accessories form our DIY section. With lots of imagination and patience you can create a beautiful display in the dining room.

Reception venues believe that a small display of candy is essential for any event and recommend that your arrangement of glass vases and containers is coordininating. You can easily match your candy display to your favours by selecting perhaps one of  our pre decorated favour cakes or pyramids with contain artisan candy by Maxtris. Your guests can easily help themselves with serving spoons.

The candy display would be a perfect place to display your favours and would make the perfect spot from where you can distribute them to your guests. They shoud be carefully detailed and expertly personalised for the recipients taste. It is important you include the colour white, to symbolise purtiy, and the classic almond.

Of course your candy table can de dressed in the style of the moment, Shabby Chic. Containing, soft, warm and romantic colours and matierials, vintage but very refined.