Confetti Maxtris Les Noisette pink

Confetti Maxtris Les Noisette pink

Gluten-free, round shaped confetti with pink graded hazelnut flavors: Gianduia, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel. Pack of 1 KG. 140 - 160 Pcs. About Art. NOISFUR
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Confetti Maxtris | Les Noisette Pink Confetti Party

Sleek Confetti Les Noisette Rosa with chocolate and hazel shaded with the most beautiful rose shades. Made to taste your guests, they will agree big and small. In summer, confetti will be shipped to special isothermal containers to ensure their integrity.

Confessed with dreams with Maxtris Confetti for your ceremony. Sparkling pink, toasted hazelnuts and chocolate, a delicacy for your guests. Come on our shop