Confetti Maxtris Nuance Sunset

Confetti Maxtris Nuance Sunset

Colorless gluten-free confetti with various flavors: Lemonade, Lemon Delight, Stracciatella, Classical. Pack of 1 KG. 140-160 pcs. about Art. MAXNUASUN
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Confetti Maxtris | Nuance Sunset Flavor Lemon Stracciatella

Delicious Confetti Limone and Stracciatella Nuance Sunset inspired by the sunset colors, warm, romantic and evocative; they remember the beach, the summer and the warm light of a bonfire. Ideal for your Beach Wedding. In summer, confetti will be shipped to special isothermal containers to ensure their integrity.

Sunset, Beach and a sweet exchange of promises. Here are the confetti that suit you, Maxtris Nuance Sunset. With a click you can buy them on our online shop