Online Favours are very interesting products for all those who wish to thank the guests for their event. Whether it's a wedding, a baptism, a graduation party, an important birthday or any other occasion, its symbolic value is out of the question. We discover together the types of candies most sought after by our customers.

Favours | Wedding

Of course we start from the kind of candy par excellence. They are, of course, the most expensive ones, as wedding is considered to be the most beautiful day of your life and should be properly emphasized. A beautiful composition to enrich even more such a solemn event can be the ideal choice. Obviously, always keep an eye on your budget, even if you do not have to pay for the wedding.

Favours | Baptism and Birth

Here is another type of favours among the most sought after by customers. One parent intends to celebrate the birth of his son, repeating himself during the important religious celebration of baptism. A very special event that should be emphasized to the best, with small works based on pink colors (in case of a female) and blue (when it is a male child).

Favours | Graduation

Another event that can certainly mark the existence of those who live it is the degree. After several years of hard work, completing the path started with the school and continuing with the university is a great satisfaction for the young student, ready to project into the work world. A very interesting idea to make a good figure with friends and relatives for a day to remember.

Favours | Comunnion and Confirmation

What can be done to best celebrate two of the most important sacraments of the Catholic religion as communion and I confirm? Obviously, you have to choose the right bombers for the occasion to highlight both events. Whether it is sacred or profane, what counts is that the compositions are able to steal the eye both to those who give it and to those who receive it.

Favours | Gold and Silver Anniversary

There are commemorative days to point out. Renewing your dream of love can be really great for those who have been together for years in the sacred bond of marriage and want to emphasize their longevity together. The wedding favors for wedding gold (fifty years of marriage) and silver (twenty-five) are a reminder to be kept with the utmost care.

Favour | Charity

You can not live without solidarity. Respect for and help to the neighbor are fundamental to our society and make us feel more alive and generous people. In this context, the solidarity favors are a perfect choice and serve to help associations that work for the good of those who live in a state of great difficulty.