How to organise a candy display economically for your ceremony

Confettata fai da te, istruzioni per l'uso

What flavours to buy and how to organise everything to set up a beautiful candy display. These are some tips to follow on how to organize an"almost perfect" candy display without spending a lot.

In recent years candy displays have become increasingly fashionable and the custom and developed considerably. Once we used the classic sugared almonds and little else, now modern confectionery has evolved offering a myriad of flavored sweets for many tastes and almost all gluten-free. This gives us the opportunity to organise something original, suitable for any type of ceremony, cater to everyone's tastes and intollerances. The different flavours are arranged in special decorated containers and flavours are coordinated with customized colours.

For your wedding

The candy display tends to be at the entrance or exit of your reception venue. Generally next to the table where you have displayed your wedding favours.

Choosing your flavours

The first candy displays were white or coloured almonds and chocolate fondent for those who wanted to save a bit. These types of candy are still loved by many people who like more traditional sweets and not the current more elaborate flavoured types. the classic sweet has experienced a period of crisis, as in every market segment, there was a need for innovation in order to raise a free-falling market. Today, the sweet has evolved and transformed, the market offers a myriad of confetti to many different tastes, the more sucessful ones include: ricotta cheese and pear, walnut, Two Milk flavored flan cake, "cocconut" Almond coconut, pistachio, and many others.

Prepare your own Candy Display

Organising a DIY candy display isn't simple but with a little patience and the invaluable help of a friend full of creativity and imagination, you can do it all and more. Certainly, it's much easier to rely on professionals like "Wedding Planners" ........ but it wouldn't be DIY and you can say goodbye to your saving. Once you've chosen your candy flavours based on your location and the season, they should be placed in special containers often vases, raised stands or jars custom decorated or neutral. You then need to think about small containers that your guests will be able to place the confetti in. They could be fabric gift bags, or card cones used as a holder, practical and not cumbersome to hold in hand whilst enjoying the party. If you decide to prepare the containers yourself, remember to always put the candy in odd amounts preferably 5 sweets, indicating happiness, health, fertility, wealth and longevity. Enjoy your candy display!


Here is some information on what coloured candy you should use in your candy display, a dream come true for those with a sweet tooth.

A candy display for a Baptism

Color: Pink or light blue or candy in shades of these colours or classic sugared almonds.


Color: Red with yellow and assorted colors to brighten up the candy display.

First Communion

Colour: Predominantly white but with a tend to use lilac for girls and blue for boys in containers.

Colours to use for candy in other celebrations

Engagement and 18th birthday: Green

Holy Confirmation: White, various flavours with or without almond

Birthday Party: Multicolour in various flavors

25th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Silver Almond

50th Wedding Anniversary: ​​Gold Almond


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