Marshmallow Jar Braid Balls Pink White

Marshmallow Jar Braid Balls Pink White

Marshmallow-shaped marshmallow and braid in PET jar with screw cap. Cream and strawberry flavor. 500 GR jar containing about 60 Marshmallows. Produced with natural ingredients, GLUTIN FREE. Measure: H 21 cm. Diameter 11 cm Art. R2_500MWBR
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Marshmallow | Caramelized Candy Bar

Colorful and tasty Jar of assorted Marshmallows, elegant and practical to use to decorate the Caramelize of your Child. A harmony of bright colors that will drive your guests crazy.


White and pink assorted marshmallows for a fantastic caramel. Combine with the Confettata, success assured.