Maxtris Candy Display

Our company is specialized in the production and hand crafting of wedding favours and gifts, creating finished products, and / or to create, for those who love the world of "do it yourself" and "craft."

Customising and making original objects for parties is an ancient art traditionaly undertaken by dedicated mothers and grandmothers in our families with patience and precision. Mainy done by hand with natural fabrics, embellished with lace and embroidery. We have taken the tradition and offer quality artisan favours where you will always find a prized sugared almond in a wide range of containers.

The idea of Maxtris Candy Stand, the trend of the moment, is to brighten up your guests with a pleasing and delicious display, even for the most refined palates. You can achieve it at home, for any occasion you want to make memorable, leaving a lasting reminder. Or choose a public place; There are many venues used for celebrations where you can dedicate a space for Maxtris candy display.

Maxtris candy is essential, a company based in Scisciano, Naples, with a wide range of shapes, colors and tastes lending them to enliven all kinds of events for adults and children

And the perfect romantic Maxtris candy stand would be in Shabby Chic style. Light colours: white, cream and ecru, flowery containers and blown glass which exudes delicacy, elegance and sophistication. And the fragrance of the prized nostalgic white sugared almond.