Tube Launch Confetti Party 18 years

Tube Launch Confetti Party 18 years

Cannon shoots confetti for 18 birthday, measuring 30 cm. Shoot at 5-8 meters. Art. 50028
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Arrangement and Reception | Shoot them 18 years

Surprise your messengers with this wonderful article Cannon Spara Coriandoli to be used for your eighteenth birthday party! A burst of confetti with written 18 will fall to animate your party.


An agreeable and original idea is to put them as a table center so that your guests can be wrapped up by a myriad of confetti when cutting the cake.


To put the tube in operation by spraying them 18 years, rotate the base following the arrow and the effect will be nothing short of sensational! Remember that they are compressed air so do not pose any threat if they are used by children both inside and outside the premises.

To arrange your eighteenth birthday, choose our 18 year-old confectionery, so much fun in it; for your party your Party. Many other ideas are waiting for you.