White flying lantern

White flying lantern

White paper balloon ideal for setting up and decorating your ceremony. Size: 100 cm. Art. 32020
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Arrangement and Reception | Party Volleyball Lantern

Originating from Chinese tradition, flying lanterns are used to express a desire in the hope of being realized; white color symbolizes purity and is flipped to make the new future propitious.


They will create a magical atmosphere, a wonder for both adults and children; can be used for all kinds of ceremonies, parties and events.


Here is a little guide for their use:


Open the plastic package gently and avoid damaging the paper.

Try to "swell" by entering as much air as possible.

Remove the plastic from the hollow spark plug and insert it into the iron wire.

With the help of a person, turn on the wick, paying close attention to keeping the paper away from the flame.

When the lantern is abundant full of warm air let it go.

This product is manufactured in Italy and complies with the requirements for self-certification

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