Swarvoski Baptism Favours

Items crafted using swarovski crystals. All the items in this section come with a certificate stating "made using Swarovski crystals". All the items are offered by themselves or ready packaged with a favour bag filled with confetti (sweets) which you can choose yourself at the end of the order. 

Please note that the crystals are clear, the photos may show slight variations due to the lighting as it reflects its surrounding colours.

Please allow an additional 15 working days for deliveries. If you require these items urgently please contact us with the quantity required and the date they are required by, use the link next to the product and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Birth and Baptism Favours for boys
  2. Birth and Baptism Favours for girls
  3. Sacred Bas-Relief Reproduction Birth Favours
  4. Artisan crafted animal figurines using Swarovski crystals
  5. Dinsey character favour boxes
  6. Disney favour cakes and perspex pyramids
  7. Disney Favours and Favour Cakes
  8. Disney Photo frames and albums
  9. Favour boxes with confetti - sweets of your choice
  10. First birthday favours
  11. New Baby Rosettes
  1. 1
    Butterfly made of Swarovski crystals displayed on a perspex favour box
    SKU: 17906CONF-G3010 (SC)
    Crystal butterfly favour made using Swarovski crystals. Displayed on a perspex favour box filled with confetti (sweets) of your choice included in the price. Dimensions: H 5x5x5 cm. code.17906CONF-G3010 (SC)
  2. 2
    Pacifier Crystal Pink Box
    SKU: 34212-G3010Conf
    Crystal pacifier with white granules packaged on a 5x5x5 plexiglass box, decorated with pink polka dot grosgrain ribbon. Confetti included in the price. Measure: 4.5 cm. Favor Baptism Birth Little Girl. Art. 34212-G3010

  3. 3
    Pacifier Crystal Heavenly Pack
    SKU: 34213-G3010
    Crystal pacifier with sky blue grenade packaged with a light blue grosgrain polka dot ribbon over a 5x5x5 plexiglass box. Confetti of your choice included in the price. Favor Baptism Little Girl. Measure: 4.5 cm. Art. 34213-G3010

  4. 4
    Crystal kitten with Confetti
    SKU: 34200-Conf
    Crystal cat with mirrored ears packaged with ivory star shaped containers, taupe ribbons and light point. Confetti included in the price of your choice. Measure: 7 cm. H 4 cm. Ideal for Baptism and Birth for Girls and Children. Art. 34200-Conf

  5. 5
    Crystal Dog Complete with Confetti
    SKU: 34201-Conf
    Crystal dog with mirrored ears, packaged with an ivory sweet box and matching ribbons. Confetti of your choice included in the price. Measure: 7 cm. H 5 cm. Recommended for Baptism and Birth of Child and Child. Art. 34201-Conf

  6. 6
    Crystal elephant with Confetti
    SKU: 34202-Conf
    Crystal elephant packed with a star-shaped gift box in sober colors. Confetti included in the price. Measure: Measure: 6 cm. H 7 cm. Favor for Unisex Baptism and Birth. Art. 34202-Conf

  7. 7
    Kitten made from Swarovski crystals on a rosette favour pouch gift boxed
    SKU: 30975RCONF-07600-56386 SC1-X-PVC
    Favour made with Swarovski crystals: Pink kitten displayed in a card and pvc gift box. Dimensions: 6x4x3,5 cm. code.30975R (SC)
  8. 8
    Teddy bear made of Swarovski crystals on a favour rosette with gift box
    SKU: 30976GCONF-05257-56386 SC1-X-PVC
    Favour in Swarovski crystals: Unisex yellow teddy bear gift boxed. Dimensions: 6x4x3,5 cm. Code.30976GCONF-05257-56386 SC-X-PVC
  9. 9
    Crystal puppy on a favour rosette made with Swarovski crystal gift boxed
    SKU: 30977BLCONF-17589-56386 SC1-X-PV
    Favour made with Swarovski crystals: Blue puppy. Dimensions: 6x4x3,5 cm. Gift boxed, confetti (sweets) included. Code.30977BLCONF-17589-56386 SC-X-PVC