Wedding Baptism, Communion, Graduation Candy Bars

Candy Bar

The Candy Bar is a tradition that has recently come back into Vogue. It is normally a corner where you supply an assortment of candy for your guests. At Bombonierashop you'll find many ideas to create an original and memorable candy bar for a wedding, baptism or other event.

Ideas for candy bars for communions, baptisms and births

To create a DIY candy bar for a Baptism, Birth, First Holy Communion or 18th birthday, you can opt for different ideas. First, choose glass containers, needed to maintain the taste and quality of the candy. In our store they are sold as cups, jars and refined and elegant boxes.

Candy Bars for births, graduation and other celebrations

Organize a candy bar for a graduation, birth or other happy event that will satisfy everyone and is really simple. We have listed different flavours of dragees, from classic almond or chocolate, to the most original, also available are gluten-free, well-being and mini.

DIY Candy Bar

A DIY candy bar is the best way to impress your guests and give them a moment of pure gluttony whilst also saving money. In addition to the dragees and containers, we also have favour bags and cones in the catalogue for tasting purposes. There are many colours, patterns and decorations to choose from. Take a look now, you can easily order them online in a few simple steps.