Baptism, Birth, Communion and Confirmation invitations, useful and original

Communion, Confirmation and Baptism invitations represent the official invitation to be sent or hand delivered to your guests. In our e-store online you'll find many ideas to amaze your friends and family. It is important that they are beautiful with attention to detail but also original and useful.

Baptism or Birth invitation ideas, fun original or classic?

Especially for the event of Communion, Confirmation and Baptism, BombonieraShop offers many models, even invitations on parchment. Browsing through the departments in our shop you are bound to find an invitation which is to your taste. Whether you prefer a playful style, fun, or more classical and formal it makes no difference.

Lots of Ideas, even DIY

Our Communion, Confirmation and Baptism DIY invitations can be purchased with or without printing. If you would like to create your own invitations, we have a wide range of ideas, materials, accessories and tags in different colours, which are all highly customisable. The price shown is for the invitation with matching envelope without print. To add printing you will need to add the correct print option from the related articles.

Low cost and affordable invitations

The cost of a Communion, Confirmation or Baptism can be quite high. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of original, useful and quality  Communion, Confirmation and Baptism invitations but at affordable low and competitive prices. Take some time to look at the large catalogue and if in doubt please contact our team.

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