Baby boy and girl sacred and unisex DIY Baptism Favours

Birth and Baptism favours for your baby boy and girl. Sacred and unisex themed keepsakes recommended for creating your own DIY favour project. We have various original and well made items that are low cost and ideal for DIY.

If you would like hand finished favours for Baptisms, Christenings and Births, visit this department.

  1. Birth and Baptism DIY favour box
  2. Communion and Confirmation DIY Favours
  3. Holy Communion DIY favours by Walt Disney for boys and girls
  4. DIY Baptism and Birth Favours
  5. DIY wedding favours
  6. Accessories for DIY favours
  7. Favour bags for your confetti / sugared almonds
  8. DIY boxes for favours and sweets
  9. Baby boy DIY Baptism and Birth favours
  10. Baby girl DIY Baptism and Birth favours
  11. Brooches for decorating your favours
  12. Cake toppers and other accessories
  13. Cotton and net ribbons
  14. DIY Communion favours for boys
  15. DIY Communion favours for girls
  16. DIY confirmation favours for boys and girls
  17. DIY Favour cakes
  18. DIY sacred unisex Baptism and birth favours.
  19. Flower buds, roses and brooches for favours
  20. Flowers for DIY favours
  21. Gold and silver ribbons for decorating your favours
  22. Keyrings for Births and Communions
  23. Lanyard and drawstring for DIY favours
  24. Organza ribbon for DIY favours
  25. Polka dot organza ribbons for DIY Favours
  26. Rosettes for sweets
  27. Sacred Communion DIY Favours
  28. Satin polka dot ribbons for DIY Favours
  29. Satin ribbons for DIY Favours
  30. Shop Box Wedding Bag: Ceremony, Party and Birthday supplies
  31. Silver cast miniatures for DIY favours
  32. Solid colour and polka dot gros grain ribbon
  33. Tulle for DIY favours
  34. Unisex DIY Communion favours
  1. 1
    Hanger Carriage
    SKU: 50499
    Resin stroller decorated in white and beige color with comfortable hanger. Measure: 7X8 CM. Accessory Favor Baptism or Diy Birth. Art. 50499

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  2. 2
    Rocking Horse Hanger
    SKU: 50498
    Resin rocking horse, decorated in white and beige. Ecru color hanger. Measure: 7X8 CM. DIY accessory for baptism and birth favors. Art. 50498

  3. 3
    Cross magnet with Holy Family United
    SKU: 50306
    Decorated resin magnet, subject Holy Family. Measure: 6x8CM. Accessory Favor Baptism and Birth DIY. Art. 50306
  4. 4
    Magnet Tree of Life Madonna with Child Do It Yourself
    SKU: B9206faidate
    Favor Baptism Birth. Decorated resin magnet, tree subject of maternity life. Size: 4x5 cm. Art. B9206faidate
  5. 5
    Resin kitten with rhinestone
    SKU: 00005320 (D)
    Pussycat in resin decorated with rhinestone and gold. Perfect for a DIY favour. Dimensions: 3x1.5 Code. 5320 (D)
  6. 6
    Resin puppy decorated with gold hearts
    SKU: 00005317 (D)
    Puppy dog in resin decorated with gold hearts. Perfect for a DIY favour. Dimensions: 3x1.5 cm. Code. 5317 (D)
  7. 7
    Animals in resin assorted
    SKU: 0000B284400 (C1)
    You Save:
    €1.00 (40%)
    Small assorted animals from the savana as shown in photo: Lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe, zebra and monkey. One item supplied per unit ordered. For a perfect DIY favour. Dimensions: 3x2,5 cm. Code. B284400 (C1)

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  8. 8
    Holy Family image cross
    SKU: 50308
    Resin cross decorated with Holy Family image. Measure: 7x9CM. Favor DIY Baptism and Birth. Art. 50308

  9. 9
    Cloud with stork image
    SKU: 0000150850/B (G)
    Cloud with stork in marble powder perfect for creating a personalised favour. Dimensions: 4.5x3.5 cm. Code. 150850/B

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  10. 10
    Cloud with image of the Mary and child
    SKU: 0000150850/M (G)
    Cloud in marble powder resin perfect for creating personalised favours. Dimensions: 4.5x3.5 cm. Code. 150850/M

  11. 11
    Bas-relief resin crucifix with Mary and child
    SKU: 150073M-faidate (F)
    Cucifix in bas-relief resin with satin hook from the collection "Piazza di Spagna" Perfect for a DIY keepsake. Dimensions: 5x4 cm. Code. 150073M-faidate (F)
  12. 12
    Crucifix in bas-relief of the Guardian Angel
    SKU: 150073A-faidate (F)
    Cucifix in bas-relief resin with satin hook from the collection "Piazza di Spagna" Perfect for a DIY keepsake. Dimensions: 5x4 cm. Code. 150073A-faidate
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