End of line discounted favours

In this department are a range of end of line items, all in perfect condition without defects. They are only discounted due to being replaced by new collections.

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  1. 1
    Card gift box
    SKU: 13507scatola
    You Save:
    €0.47 (50%)
    Card gift box. Perfect for holding favours. Dimensions: 7x6x3.5cm Code. 13507scatola

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  2. 2
    Pack of 12 sunflowers for attaching to favour bags
    SKU: 00002780
    You Save:
    €0.68 (50%)
    Bunch of 12 flowers which can be used singularly. Small sunflower on green stem. Diameter of flower: 1cm. Length with stem 10cm. Code. 8012a
  3. 3
    Confetti cones
    SKU: 00008092
    You Save:
    €0.73 (50%)
    Confetti cones in assorted colours. Price refers to one cone per unit ordered. Perfect for holding confetti or rice. Dimensions: 13.5x7cm Code. 8092

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  4. 4
    Large peach flower
    SKU: 00008069 (L)
    You Save:
    €0.79 (50%)
    Large peach organza flower. Dimensions: 20x10cm Code. 00008069

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  5. 5
    Green organza rose buds
    SKU: 8127/V
    You Save:
    €1.22 (50%)
    Set of 6 rose green organza roses. This item is ideal for decorating favours or place holders. Dimensions of bud: 4.5x5cm Stem: 15cm with internal flexible wire.

  6. 6
    Red fabric flower
    SKU: 000056031-CB (T)
    You Save:
    €1.34 (50%)
    Red fabric flowers, perfect for creating personalised favours. Dimensions: 21x10cm Code. 56031-CB (T)

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  7. 7
    Fabric flower decoration
    SKU: 00007309
    You Save:
    €1.44 (50%)
    Ivory fabric flower decoration. Dimensions: 31cm Code. 52548

  8. 8
    Silver plated picture of wedding rings
    SKU: 00007087 (I)
    You Save:
    €3.67 (60%)
    Silver plated picture of wedding rings and doves. Complete with gift box. Dimensions: 6.5x5cm Code. 7087 (I)

  9. 9
    Silver plated photo frame, pink surround
    SKU: 00004733 (I)
    You Save:
    €6.76 (50%)
    Silver plated photo frame, pink surround, moon,sun,clouds and mountains. Dimensions: 12x9cm Takes Photo: 6x9cm Code. 000094105-confezione-celeste
  10. 10
    Silver plated giraffe
    SKU: 00009138
    You Save:
    €8.25 (50%)
    Silver plated giraffe, complete with gift box and certificate. Dimensions: 10x11x2cm Code. 9138

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  11. 11
    Crystal and porcelain "Coral" room fragrance
    SKU: DC2688faidate(G)
    You Save:
    €9.66 (50%)
    Crystal base and porcelain "Coral" room fragrance by Debora Carlucci. Complete with bottle of perfume essence. Comes with matching gift box and guarantee. Dimensions: 9x9x9cm Code. DC2688faidate