Wedding, Baptism, Communion favour tags

At BombonieraShop you'll find a wide assortment of favour tags suitable for every occasion. Browsing through the various departments can choose between many original and creative ideas for confirmations, birthdays, births, baptisms, marriages, and more.

Favour tags online: lots of ideas for every occasion

Our tags are carefully finished and printed on high quality paper. Favour tags for Communions and Baptisms, for example, are sold in packs of 20, typically with religious icons of the sacrament, but there are also some playful and fun ones for boys and girls.

Original and classic wedding favour tags

In addition to favour tags for baptisms, confirmations and communions, at Bombonierashop there are many ideas for weddings and for important anniversaries. When ordering, you can send the data to be printed using the drop down menu on the order confirmation page. Please note after sending your order you will receive an email confirmation. As always you will have at your disposal a varied range of choices, from the most classic to the most creative and playful.

Tags for dragees and candy bars

The tags for the candy bar are important. Customize your boxes or bags for dragees with the name, date and type of event. It will make it even more perfect. Whether for a sacrament, a wedding, a birth or graduation, trust us to us peacefully organise your party: we will always be at your disposal and we will provide valuable advice.

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