Gift ideas for Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations and other ceremonies

Have you been invited to a ceremony? You'll find a wide choice of original, quality and elegant gifts for Baptisms, Communions and Confirmations.

Gift ideas for Baptisms, Communions or Confirmations

For the occasion of a Baptism, Communion or a Confirmation it is important to give something useful, that can make an unforgettable memory of the day. There are many gift ideas for this type of ceremony. Necklaces or bracelets for a boy or girl, sacred icons with best wishes and nice silver animals.

Gift ideas for wedding ceremonies

For a wedding or a gold or silver wedding anniversary you can choose from a variety of fine and useful gifts. Ashtrays, dishes, kitchen sets and glass elegant ornaments in a unique style that are unmistakabley made in Italy. And for a gift that really leaves a mark, go for frames or photo albums with silver detailing. They are ideal for storing the most beautiful shots of the celebration.

Economic gift ideas for ceremonies

The budget for the party is almost always too small. After clothes, lunches and gifts, money can be a real problem. And it is for this reason that our best offers are sold at low and competitive prices, without sacrificing on high quality and craftsmanship.