Gold and Silver Wedding Anniversary Favours, useful and original ideas

Gold and Silver Anniversary Favours

The 25 or 50 year anniveraries of marriage are important milestones. Make it special by choosing useful and original Gold and Silver favours. There are lots of ideas, it's easy to find one that suits you.

Gold and silver wedding favours

The gold and silver wedding anniversaries represent valuable stages in your marriage. To celebrate in the best way, BombonieraShop offers you many ideas to buy sophisticated gold and silver favours online, but economical at affordable prices.

Original, funny or classic: the style you want!

In the gold wedding anniversary favour department we have a wide selection of ideas and gifts to celebrate your 50th anniversary. In the silver wedding anniversary department there are many options for your 25th year together. In both sections you can order classical style items, useful objects or more fun subjects, all made with passion, using top quality materials.

Silver, gold, glass and crystal Favours

We have a wide choice of materials for your gold and silver wedding anniversary favours in our books including: gold, silver, crystal and glass. And to make everything perfect you can even add invitiations, favour tags and dragees. If you have any doubts, our staff will be happy to provide you all the support you need.

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