35th wedding Anniversary

Coral Anniversary, celebrate with our favours your 35th wedding anniversary. Original and cheap ideas to give to your relatives and friends. Classy favours to leave a beautiful momories on your celebration. On our Shop you'll find low pricies and high quality for this kind of Anniversary.

(Prevailing blu color)

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  1. 1
    Coral wedding anniversary rosette favour.
    SKU: 7695b-conf-b-D-X
    Rosette favour with confetti (sweets) and decorated with a rosebud applied centrally. Cute idea for 35th wedding anniversary. Size: D. 14 Cm. Code. 7695b-conf-b-D-X
  2. 2
    Sapphire wedding anniversary perspex favour box
    SKU: G3077-18449-blu-SC
    Perspex favour box for Sapphire wedding Anniversary 35th year of marriage. Confeti of your choice with organza and satin, a pearl applied on bow. 6X6XH3 Cm. Code. G3077-18449-blu-SC
  3. 3
    Coral wedding Anniversary favour jar
    SKU: H2815-18553-H1-SC
    Glass jar with cork lid, confetti (sweets) of your choice. Decorated with satin and organza ribbon + achromatic drop applied. Size: 5X5XH7 Cm. Code. H2815-18553-H1-SC