Favours for a Silver Wedding Anniversary

Silver Wedding Anniversary Favours

A vast selection of original and economical favours for your 25th Wedding Anniversary celebrations. Decorated favour cakes complete with a choice of confectionary and favour tags personalised with your information. BombonieraShop offers you the best quality at the right price.

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  1. 1
    Silver wedding anniversary DIY favour box
    SKU: 14547faidate-SC1
    Elegant and cheap favour box for your 25th wedding anniversary. "25°" silver bas relief written. Ivory pearl mottled cardboard favour box. Size: 8,5x10x4 cm. Code. 14547faidate-SC1
  2. 2
    Written 25 25th Decor
    SKU: 27835
    Silver enamelled 25 inscription pendant with a practical ring. Measure: 1x6 cm. DIY Wedding Favor accessory. Art. 27835

  3. 3
    Silver wedding anniversary placeholder with 25 number
    SKU: 6112(C)Faidate
    You Save:
    €0.29 (20%)
    Under Costruction
  4. 4
    Silver 25th wedding anniversary pendant
    SKU: 000032957 (BC)
    Silver pendant with rhinbestones perfect for a 25th wedding anniversary. Perfect for creating personalised favours. Dimensions: 1x1.5cm Code. 32957 (BC)

  5. 5
    Silver wedding anniversary magnet
    SKU: 0000B8952 (H)
    Silver wedding anniversary magnet, made of resin. Perfect for creating personalised favours. Dimensions: 5.3x5.4cm Code. B8952 (H)

  6. 6
    25th wedding anniversary cloud emblem
    SKU: 0000150850/25 (G)
    25th wedding anniversary cloud made of marble resin. Ideal for creating personalised favours. Dimensions: 4.5x3.5cm Code. 0000150850/25 (G)

  7. 7
    Silver wedding anniversary favour box with 25 number packaged
    SKU: 14547-112/2Conf-SC1
    Elegant and inexpensive favour box for 25th wedding anniversary, with 25° silver bas relief written. Confetti of your choice included in the price. Size: 8,5x10x4 cm. Code. 14547-112/2Conf-SC1
  8. 8
    Tree shaped pendant with 25 number
    Silver metal pendant for silver wedding anniversary perforated tree shaped, suitable for DIY. Pendant size: 2,5x3,1 cm. Code. MZ9241FAIDATE

  9. 9
    Silver wedding anniversary perforated heart
    SKU: 1700257-FAIDATE
    under construction
  10. 10
    Silver Wedding Sachet Complete with Confetti
    SKU: Bustina_9
    Wedding Favor 25th Anniversary. Pvc sachet and card for 25 Years of Marriage, with names and customizable date. 3 filled confetti included in the price. Measure: 8x13 cm. Art. Bustina_9
  11. 11
    Silver decorated rectangular favour box filled with dragees
    SKU: 14502-18449-(PVC)
    Silver decorated favour box with silver ribbons and a bow with a pearl embellishment. Complete with a choice of dragees. Dimensions: 3.3x9.2x2.5cm Code. 14502-18449-(PVC)
  12. 12
    Silver wedding anniversary perspex favour box filled with dragees
    SKU: 0000G3010NA
    Elegant keepsake. Perspex favour box filled with a choice of dragees, finished with a rhinestone studded flower and silver ribbon. Dimensions: 5x5x5cm Code. 0G3010NA
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