5th year wedding anniversary

For your Fifth wedding anniversary our Staff has created many excellent value for money favours. First-quality materials as Maxtris confetti (sweets) and all decorative accessories. Everything is studied in detail, so that we can offer you quality favours at the right price.

Fuchsia confetti (sweets) and decorations included.


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  1. 1
    5th wedding anniversary favour box
    SKU: 17265-conf-SC1-T
    Square bas-rilief textured favour box, confetti (sweets) included, decorated with satin and organza ribbons. Size: 5,5x5,5x6,5H cm. Code. 17265-conf-SC1-T

  2. 2
    5th wedding anniversary ermetic favour jar
    SKU: H2781-121-H1-A
    Ermetic glass jar with organza and classic decorative fuchsia confetti. 5x5x7,5 cm. Code. H2781-121-H1-A
  3. 3
    5th wedding anniversary favour bag with wedding rings
    SKU: 3457-12877-L1-BC
    Fuchsia tulle mesh bag favour, confetti (sweets) of your choice included in the price, satin ribbon, wedding rings and Swarovsky flower applied. Size: 9x10H cm. Code. 3457-12877-L1-BC