2018 Graduation favours - original, economical and useful ideas

Graduation Favours

A graduation is an important milestone: after hours and hours of study, sleepless nights, exams and fears, it's time to celebrate in the best way. Make this day special by choosing the right graduation favours. At Bombonierashop you'll find many original ideas, beautiful and supportive which can be conveniently ordered online in a few clicks.


Online Graduation Favours: many original ideas for your party


There are many graduation favours in our catalogue, from objects that refer to the course of study (compasses, set squares, scales, stethoscopes), luck (horns, owls, ladybirds), until you get to the most original and funny subjects. If you prefer to pay homage to your guests with something more classic, you can choose engraved scrolls, elegant silver photo frames or precious miniatures made of glass or resin.


DIY graduation favours


Would you like to hand package and decorate your favours to save precious pennies on the budget for the festivities? In the department dedicated to objects and materials for DIY There are lots of ideas, boxes, ribbons, tulle, organza, in red or the colour of your course of study.


Fair value for money


Our wedding favours are carefully selected and packed with love by our staff to provide the right value for money. Even the most economic and accessible proposals are composed of top quality materials. Depend on us with confidence to make everything perfect! Have a look at our Favour cakes for graduations.

  1. Graduation Statues
  2. Small engraved scrolls for Graduation
  3. Small engraved scrolls for Graduation
  4. Favour boxes/bags for confetti sweets for Graduation
  5. Animals for Graduation Favours
  6. Favour tags for Graduation Favours
  7. Graduation Photo Frames
  8. Silver figurines for Graduation Favours
  9. Various Objects for Graduation Favours