Laurel crown pendant
  • Laurel crown pendant
  • Laurel crown pendant

Laurel crown pendant

Silver metal laurel crown shaped suitable for DIY favours, size: 3x2,7 cm. Red favour box included in the price, which size is: 4,5x4,5xH10 cm. Code.MZ9016FAIDATE
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Graduation Favours | Silver miniatures to celebrate your Graduation Day

Adorning the head of a graduate with laurel crown is a tradition that dates back to Roman times; a sacred plant and unintentionally consecrated to Apollo, divinity considered emblem of wisdom and intelligence. That is why the crown is given to those who will become part of the circle of the wise.

Pendant is entirely produced in Italy. Cardboard favour box and red closure ribbon included in the price; easy to assemble and package, you've just to insert confetti inside.

Silver metal laurel crown with red strass, made in Italy at a very great price. Visit our shop and discover all news!