"Ciocopistacchio" confetti by Maxtris gluten free

"Ciocopistacchio" confetti by Maxtris gluten free

"Ciocopistacchio" confetti by Maxtris, delicious pistachio taste confetti. 500 gr. roughly 120 pieces. Gluten free. Code.CIOPISB500
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Confetti by Maxtris / Two Milk Wedding Rhum Les Noisettes filled Confetti

Confetti by Maxtris are the leaders! Ciocopistachio Line contains a pistachio covered with a layer of white chocolate and coated of a fine layer of sugar. They are a little bit bigger than classic almond confetti.

During Summer time our confetti are shipped in insulated containers to ensure its integrity.

Pistachio confetti suitable for candybars and for your favours. On our Shop you can find all Maxtris tastes available.